Throughout the year, we have been careful to document the progress of Expedition 2012.  Check out the tabs on the left to view some of our best photos and videos.


Expedition 2012 has also attracted the attention of multiple media outlets. We are excited to be featured in these ways and hope that media coverage will help us fulfill our mission by increasing our platform. Make sure to check us out!

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Click here to read "Dude North:  Canoeing to Canada with the 'Lost Boys' of Keewaydin" by Paul Heintz!

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Expedition 2012 in Wooden Canoe Magazine!

Download the file at right to read the full article: "To Build A Canoe."



Seven Days reporter Paul Heintz joined us for three days of paddling on the Ottawa River near Hawkesbury and Rockland, Ontario (Days 13-15 of the trip).  He composed an entertaining and insightful account from his impressions of those days.  You can read it - and see a video of the crew singing - at left.

  • To Build A Canoe
  • Wooden Canoe Issue, 170, April 2012

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Thanks to a meeting with Christian Woodard, a local reporter for the Addison County Independent, Expedition 2012 has now been featured in Vermont's only twice-weekly periodical. Be sure to pick up a copy or read the article online. Many thanks to Christian, who did a great job in capturing the essence of our project.



The most recent edition of Canoe and Kayak Magazine (March 2012) features a piece on Expedition 2012 and our canoe building efforts. The article, entitled "5 Steps to Build a Wood-Canvas Expedition Canoe," highlights the relative rarity of these traditional craft and gives an overview of the boat building process. Get to your news stand and pick up a copy!

In addition to the article that they have already run on Expedition 2012 boat building, Canoe & Kayak Magazine plans to run another article about the trip itself. 


Outside Television will be running 2 episodes about Expedition 2012, one which features our boat building and prep work and a second which highlights the trip itself.

Expedition 2012 was featured on the Adventure World Magazine online news feed.

Wooden Canoe, the print publication of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association, plans to run two stories about Expedition 2012, highlighting our boat building experience, the unique features of our boats, and our experience of taking traditional wooden craft on the trip.

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